My son, Thomas Diego and I are California natives temporarily living in Seattle while he plays for the Seattle Sounders FC U18’s and S2. My husband is holding down the homefront in CA while we embark on this opportunity and our older two kids are away at college. This blog is my journal of his daily eats, his workouts, my readings, our travels and whatever else I decide to write about! I love to cook and I take a lot of pride in feeding him the best foods possible to allow him to play at his optimum level. We have found that what works for him is a gluten free, dairy free diet. By removing gluten and dairy from his diet we have noticed that he is better able to endure the 90 minutes of running required in a game, his body is able to recover more rapidly and he stays lean. I am learning a lot through this process, there are so many different ways to accomplish your goals, you just have to find what works best for you!

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  1. Jennifer, I’ve been following feedinganathlete and did not realize it was you. Keep these great posts coming. Ali and Natalie are following you too. Harrison loves the rice cake recipe. I’ve made it for him and his friends a few times.

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